New Patient Offer

New Patient Offers

New Patient Cleaning, Exam, and X-rays

In Office Bleaching for $299.00
Regularly $490.00

For all New Patients by request, when having a
cleaning and/or exam.

$1000 Off Invisalign

For all New Patients by request.

Complete the form below or call our office to take advantage of these offers.
Offers expire 01/25/2019.

Suavi Georgiev

Somebody back in my country screwed up my teeth and I didn’t know about it, so when I came here, with all the pictures and everything that they take, it ended up that I have had nothing done. I have to redo everything, all the fillings, root canals, fillings, I have to get a post with a crown and two teeth behind it, new crowns and everything and so far it’s been great.

Somehow they are really always getting me in, even if it’s with a last minute notice. I travel a lot, so even if I have a scheduled appointment and for some reason I can’t show up, they’re always eligible to exchange it with a different day, postpone, whatever is needed.