New Patient Offer

New Patient Offers

In Office Bleaching for $299.00
Regularly $490.00

For all New Patients by request, when having a
cleaning and/or exam.

$1000 Off Invisalign

For all New Patients by request.

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Offers expire 08/20/2019.

The 10 Questions You MUST Ask!

The purpose of this guide is to help you choose the right dental services for you by arming you with 10 important questions you should ask any dental office BEFORE agreeing to care. We are sharing insider secrets with you that some Dentists may not want you to know. So lets begin.

Dental care is more comfortable, accurate, methodical, and practically pain free now than it ever has been. When most people think of going to the dentist, they think of pain, being uncomfortable, and are most likely scared. However, with new methods and advancements in dentistry, you can have more comfortable care with less pain and anxiety.

In the past, people only thought of going to the dentist when in pain, when now it is common to go to the dentist to prevent cavities and root canals, as well as make your teeth whiter, more attractive, straighter, stronger, and to treat and prevent gum disease.

So if you are experiencing oral pain, bleeding gums, missing teething, or are looking for a straighter, more beautiful smile for you or your family..then a dentist may be the right choice for you!

Before you accept treatment from any dentist, you MUST read this report.
This report will reveal the questions you need to ask to ensure you are choosing the right dentist for you and your family.

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Does your new dental office have digital x rays and latest technology?

There are some really quick and fast ways a dentist can now use X-rays, so you can watch them on T.V. and he or she can show you what exactly is wrong and what the best treatment option would be. We often do this in our office. Our Digital x-rays have lower radiation levels by up to 90% when compared to the old film type x-rays! If the doctor you’re consulting doesn’t take x-rays before recommending treatment, you should consider talking to another dentist.

Our laser scanners do find hidden cavities that even x rays can’t detect and our computerized anesthesia makes pain a thing of the past.

“Do you have payment plans available?”

– Successful practices usually allow patients to make payments. For example, most dentists allow both cash and insurance patients to spread out their entire care, deductibles and co-pays into low monthly installments often with no interest by using a special credit line. This allows them to get the care they want without financial stress.

Some dental practices will be able to work with you on the payments, whether you’re covered by insurance or not.

“Will you guarantee my satisfaction?”

By law healthcare providers including dentists cannot guarantee results. But, for example, an office that offers the following warranty: “We’ll replace any treatment that we do that fails or apply any investment you made to additional treatment if necessary” shows you that they are putting their money where their mouth is.

That’s how we stand behind our treatment at our practice. Make sure the doctor you choose is willing to stand behind their care.

We are members of BBB (Better Business Bureau), ADA (American Dental Asssociation) and CDA (California Dental Association)

As members of above organisations we take each complaint very seriously and follow their recommendations in the rare event a dispute should arise.

“Will you give me your recommendations in writing?”

– This is very important. This allows you to go home and think about it before making a decision. Plus, it gives you an explanation up front of what the care will consist of, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

“Do you offer free consultations (or low cost New Patient Exams)?”

– There’s no way a doctor should expect a patient to choose him or her without first visiting the office to see if the office, staff and doctor is for them. This will also give you a chance to talk to any of our patients while they are coming in and going out. Initially, I provide a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, consultation to determine if I can help you and answer any questions you may have about your

condition or my treatment. No one in my office is going to pressure you into care. This is simply a chance for you to meet us, and see if our services can benefit you. If after your free consultation, you decide you do not want to proceed with an exam, you simply leave and that is that. If however, you do find that you could use our help, we will discuss the details of how we proceed from there.

“Are you available readily for treatment and emergency care?”

The dentist respects the patient’s time and offers same day emergency care.The key word is availability. Is the dentist available to see patients when they want to see him or her? Granted, it would be asking too much to expect a dental office to be open 24 hours a day. But the office should be open enough hours during the day to handle the capacity of patients wanting to get in and leave room in the schedule for last minute emergency calls. The definition of an emergency is pain, trauma, infection or a broken front tooth. If you are a new patient, you should be able to get an appointment with the doctor within days and emergencies treated same day.

“Are you experienced in the procedures you provide?”

Number of years the dentist has been in practice and quality of the practice.

The number of years a doctor has been in private practice is a major plus in choosing a dentist. Especially if this doctor has taken lots of continuing education courses in modern dentistry with high tech advancements. Current and up-to-date dental techniques, comfortable anesthesia techniques, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and much more are NOT taught in dental schools. They are learned and perfected “out in the real world.” There is a big learning curve to become accomplished in many of these disciplines. Most dentists, with few exceptions, with less than five years of experience in private practice, can only do basic dentistry. Think of minor league baseball players. They are good ball players, but they’re not at the major league level. Dentists with over 10 years of experience in private practice and who have kept up with the changing technologies are practicing in the major leagues. You should feel very comfortable going to their offices.

“Do you have also the latest in customer service ? Not only in your technology.”

Can the dental office walk the talk? Were you able to get an appointment within 7 days of calling? When you called the office, were you greeted by a warm friendly person? Did the staff make it easy for you to make an appointment and gladly answer any of your questions? Were you greeted when you arrived for your appointment? Were your needs anticipated and fulfilled? Did the doctor and staff spend time with you and explain everything to your satisfaction? Were you able to receive a cleaning on your first visit if you so requested it? Were efforts made by the staff to help you feel comfortable before, during and after your dental visit? Did you experience a comfortable and anxiety free appointment?

“What areas do you specialize in?

– The correct answer is: Some dentists are only proficient in treating certain conditions or doing certain treatments. Some doctors may specialize in implants, orthodontics, TMJ, cosmetics, family dentistry, and the list goes on. The problem is that some dentists have only done one or two cases for a certain condition, and this may not be to your benefit if you want someone more experienced.

“Is your dental office checking you for oral cancer?”

Your oral health team should be checking you for warning signs of oral cancer every time they see you. It is a simple screening process that sometimes will involve some diagnostic testing aids. Oral cancer is at least 3 times more deadly than cervical cancer and the reason is because it is often diagnosed too late.

Females get a pap smear every year and you should be getting an oral cancer exam every year too! At Westwood Dental Smiles oral cancer exams are done routinely and we utilize Veloscope technology as a diagnostic tool.

If you are ready to make an appointment for your free consultation call my office at 310-208-4084 now, while this fresh on your mind…and you know EXACTLY what questions to ask BEFORE using me as your cosmetic or family dentist.

I hope this information has been helpful, and that whether you choose to come in to see us or not, that you’ve benefited from the knowledge you’ve been given. No matter what you decide to do, I wish you the best of health!


Tomas Anderkvist D.D.S.,

Westwood Dental Smiles

New Patient Offers

In Office Bleaching for $299.00
Regularly $490.00

For all New Patients by request, when having a
cleaning and/or exam.

$1000 Off Invisalign

For all New Patients by request.

Complete the form below or call our office to take advantage of these offers.
Offers expire 08/20/2019.