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Dental Shade Guide Reader

Shade Guide Reader in Los Angeles, CA

At Westwood Dental Smiles we use a digital shade guide reader that dramatically enhances achieving accurately matched restorations such as veneers and crowns. This new technology helps us create direct or indirect restorations that look beautiful and blend seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth.

To achieve a natural looking dental restoration, there are two critical steps: selecting the right dental color that will integrate well with the surrounding teeth and tissues and the correct reproduction of the selected color in the prosthesis or restorative dentistry.

TThe shade guide reader lessens color mismatch that often result from visual estimation. Traditional color matching depended on how the clinician perceives tooth color which may easily be affected by the light condition, ambient lighting and the background of the target tooth.

With a modern instrument for dental color analysis such as a tooth shade chart, you get a more objective reading that can be efficiently transmitted from examination to the creation of the crown or veneer.

When doing veneers, for example, a teeth shades guide reader helps us determine the exact color of the tooth to be restored and the color of nearby teeth. The reading helps us determine the exact shade for your veneer and create a stunning and uniform smile.

Having the right dental team doing your veneers and crowns can make a huge difference. With modern dentistry and proper skills in teeth shades chart, your experienced and highly trained Westwood Dental Smiles dental team can create beautiful crowns and veneers every time.

Learn more about the Dental Shade Guide Reader and our treatments that can help you achieve your dream smile today! Please call our Los Angeles dental office at 310-208-4084. You may also use our online form for your inquiries and appointment requests.

Shade Guide Reader

So this is our Shade Guide. Basically what it does is it’s a digital shade guide reader and we like to use it most of the time when we’re doing our cases for veneers, and we like to see how dark your teeth are before we start.