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Microscope-Assisted Root Canals

Microscope-Assisted Root Canals in Westwood Dental Smiles, CA

Root Canal Therapy at Westwood Dental Smiles by your endodontist, Dr.Nadia Tabachnik

An aching tooth is usually a sign of infection or a deep cavity. However, sometimes there is no accompanying pain. The only way to confirm deep infection is through X-rays or scans. If your endodontist at Westwood Dental Smiles detects infection in the inside of the tooth, she may recommend root canal therapy.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment is a specialized procedure to treat diseased pulps inside the tooth. Endodontists are dental specialists with advanced training in root canal treatment and saving your natural teeth using state of the art equipment like microscopes, digital x-rays and cbct scans to treat you quickly and comfortably.

Under the white enamel there is a hard tissue called dentin. Inside the dentin there is a soft tissue called pulp. The pulp contains the tooth nerves and blood vessels.It extends from the crown of the tooth into the roots of the teeth. if your pulp becomes inflamed or infected your Westwood Dental Smiles Endodontist Dr. Nadia Tabachnik will remove it relieving your pain and discomfort. First the endodontist numbs the tooth using the magic “Wand” and isolates it with a rubber shield that keeps it dry and clean.

An opening is made through the crown of the tooth and into the pulp chamber. Fluid is put into the canals to kill bacteria and rinse out debris. Then the pulp is removed . Using small instruments the canals are shaped and cleaned. After the space is cleaned and shaped Dr.Nadia Tabachnik fills and seals the root canal. In most cases a temporary filling is placed to fill the opening until you see your dentist. Then your tooth will be properly restored with a filling or crown that protects the tooth and is important to ensure the success of your root canal treatment. A tooth that had a root canal treatment often lasts a life time so you keep smiling with confidence.

Advanced Techniques

Many dentists use manual instruments to clean the spaces and the root canals in the center of the tooth. However, some canals are difficult to reach or too narrow and tiny to be detected. In this case, Dr. Tabachnik uses a microscope to view the tiniest root canals and make sure they are free from bacteria. A microscope boosts magnification and allows your dentist to see structures that could have been missed.


I would like to share with you the technology that we have in our office. I am proud to say that I have the most up to date endodontic equipment. My favorite tool , is a microscope. I have one of the best microscopes that is available, a Zeiss microscope that helps me to see up to twenty times magnification. It is the most helpful aid that we have to better assist the accuracy of the treatment.

There is a camera installed into the microscope so I can take pictures and shoot videos. This allows me to show the patient what the treatment looks like from my eyes perspective and allows them to understand exactly what is happening. They usually say, oh my god, that’s amazing what you see. And it’s really true. I can take a picture of a crack in the root and show the patient and explain why the tooth is not salvageable and the need for an implant would be a great option. They understand; they see, and they say, oh yes, it’s not salvageable.

We are in an era of microscopes, that started about twenty years ago. Everything has changed. We have small instruments and ultrasonics. All of my instruments are completely different than what dentists and endodontists had before. We have smaller instruments. We have ultrasonics. And with all of these aids, I can provide better service. Definitely better!

The research, for example shows that the prognosis, and success rate for endodontic surgeries increased up to 90%; when twenty years ago it was only 45-50%. That is a huge increase in success! Patients are appreciating that we are providing them with the most up to date equipment, service, and personal atmosphere.

Your Westwood Dental Smiles use the latest techniques and equipment to make root canal procedure as comfortable as possible with the help of sedation dentistry. Dr. Tabachnik treats both routine and complex cases, and offers root canal therapy, retreatment and surgical endodontics. To make an appointment, please call 310-208-4084 or use our online form.

Westwood Dental Smiles Endodontics

When bacteria has infected or killed the dental pulp in the center of the tooth, endodontic therapy or root canal is required. Root canal is the removal of the dental pulp and sealing of the root to prevent infection. The term “root canal” refers to treatment of the tiny branching passageways of the dental nerve that extend throughout the root of the tooth. Dr. Tabachnik cleans these tiny canals and seals them off during treatment. The procedure is performed to prevent the spread of infection and destruction of healthy structures.


Microscope Assisted Endodontics During a standard root canal procedure, your endodontist makes an access through the top of your tooth, removes the pulp and decayed areas, cleans the space and the root canals, and seals them off. Finally, the tooth is sometimes capped with a dental crown depending on location and amount of remaining tooth structure. In most cases, manual hand instruments are enough to clean the spaces and the root canals. Sometimes, however, the tooth may not heal after treatment because the canals were too narrow or difficult to access, or some canals might have been undetected.

Root Canal Treatment Step by Step

To make sure that all the tiny passageways inside the tooth are free from bacteria, Dr. Tabachnik uses state-of-the-art, microscope-assisted endodontic techniques. A microscope increases magnification significantly, illuminates the branching canals in the tooth roots, and allows Dr. Tabachnik to see structures that could have been missed otherwise. Microscope endodontics also means reduced chances of re-treatment, better healing, and more accurate incisions.

Microscope assisted Surgical Endodontics

If Dr. Tabachnik finds that the canals are very narrow, too blocked to be reached by special tools, or the patient shows recurring symptoms with normal X-rays, she may recommend endodontic surgery. Endodontic surgery lets your endodontist thoroughly examine the structures at the end of your tooth and clean the hard to reach areas.

The most common type of endodontic surgery is root-end resection or apicoectomy. During treatment, your endodontist uses a microscope root canal while making small incisions in the gums near the tooth. This is done to remove infected tissue and the tip of the tooth root. The tip is then sealed and the area is stitched closed. After surgery, a dental crown might be suggested depending on the condition of your tooth.

Learn about the pros and cons of root canal treatment. Call 310-208-4084 now or make an appointment with your endodontist at Westwood Dental Smiles or use our convenient online form.

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