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Dental Laser Cleaning

Laser treatment for infected gums

New weapon against gum disease: LASER CLEANING

Experience the dramatic changes in your gum and general health with laser assisted cleaning treatments.

They reduce or eliminate bacteremias and kill potential periodontal infections.

You surely read about the mouth and heart connection, but did you know that mouth bacteria and gum infection play a role in diabetes, stroke, pre term-birth and a host of other diseases? Our gum lasers kill the bacteria and empower the body’s own cells to repel future attacks thereby improving longevity and quality of life.They also remove diseased tissue in the periodontal pockets thereby facilitating a stronger re attachment of gums to roots.

61% of surveyed patients consider it important for the dental office to provide laser cleaning and treatments. Periodontal infection starts with gingivitis. The on-set of gingivitis initiates the body systematic response.

The liver starts producing more c-reactive proteins as a response to the inflammation thus increasing the risk of coronary heart disease. If gingivitis is left untreated it will progress to periodontitis, a nasty non-localized gum infection where the bacteria of your pockets destroy the ligaments of your teeth and will travel within your body contributing to a host of diseases. As the depth of your pockets increase due to the infection you will not be able to clean the pockets on your own anymore.

The bristles of your toothbrush or your floss will not get deeper then 3mm unlike the instruments of your hygienist which will. So at a gum pocket measurement of 4 mm or more there is inflammation and infection, with tooth loss generally occurring at 9-10mm. The body can’t make headway with the infection other than severing the teeth from itself and during this long process billions of gum bacteria enters your blood streams.

One of the main bacteria to cause cavities have been found as present in diseased heart tissue. (Source: Science Daily: University of Rochester Medical Center. June 27th-2011.)


This is the laser that I use in my dental cleanings. I have two different ways that I use this laser. One of them is called laser bacterial reduction which helps with gingivitis or any infection of your gums. What I do is, I turn the laser on, it’s not uncomfortable at all, it takes me about five minutes to do, and it’s like a little flashlight that I use around your gum tissue, and that helps kill and vaporize the bacteria for at least 60 days, so it stops that infection that’s happening within your mouth.

The second type of laser that I use is in conjunction with deep scaling and root planing of plaque and bacteria. So basically, when I’m scaling your teeth, I want to use this laser to get in and remove that dead tissue that’s inside that pocket so I can help stimulate some new tissue growth so that way we can control your periodontal disease.
This is only one of the technologies that we have in our office.

Heart disease patients without prior history of predisposing factors have been found often to have gum disease

A recent study on 100 000 people presented at American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2011 found a 24% lower risk of heart attack and 13% lower risk of stroke among those who had their teeth cleaned professionally and regularly.

Traditionally, treatment methods such as deep cleanings and gum maintenance have been used to keep the infection at bay. Gum treatments reduce the level of inflammation in your body as evidenced by a decrease in C-reactive proteins. (CRP Test).

After a time gum surgery may be required.

To maintain gum healing there is a cyclic repetition of reoccurring bacterial invasions and infections treated repeatedly with above methods.

“From a few billion to a few hundred in a flash of light”

The root of the problem, which is mainly 4 different and vicious gum bacteria (triple A, P. gingivalis…) has not been addressed before now. The bacteria are embedded in your tissue DNA after traditional tratments and will return soon to reestablish the inflammatory attack. The Laser light is energy that kills bacteria after cleanings, deep cleanings and gum surgeries. Being eradicated it will take a long time for them to attempt a comeback (3months). That is one of the reasons for your 3 months professional cleanings.

Bio Stimulatory effect: The wounded cells of the mouth are reinvigorated by the laser light restoring their energy cycles. Therefore returning attempts by the pathogenic bacteria are repelled more easily by the empowered pocket immune system.

The pockets around the gums tighten helping to repel bacteria while the ulcerations of the pocket linings are healing and closing thereby stopping further entrance of inflammation causing (Gram Negative) bacteria to the rest of your body. Dramatic changes in the gum reattachment and bone re-growth have been reported by several studies after laser treatments.

Our diode laser the EZ lase emits energy in the form of light at a certain wavelength (930nm) which destroys bacteria and removes diseased tissue. Your benefit from this treatment will be tighter gums that are resistant to gum disease and improved general health, resulting in a longer and healthier life.

The Dental Laser Cleaning can also be used to treat a variety of conditions such as herpetic lesions,canker sores, tooth sensitivity,TMJ pain, and used for esthetic gum recontouring and tooth whitening.