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New Patient Offers

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For all New Patients by request, when having a
cleaning and/or exam.

$1000 Off Invisalign

For all New Patients by request.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Los Angeles Full Mouth Reconstruction

Chipped, misshaped, discolored or missing teeth can make you look older and tired. If you are unhappy about your smile and you are smiling less and less, a full mouth reconstruction at Westwood Dental Smiles is the answer. Full mouth restoration is a series of cosmetic dental procedures designed to improve your smile’s health and appearance.

Depending on the degree of damage, full mouth reconstruction may include treatments like tooth-colored fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges and dental implants. Braces and similar devices may also be used to align teeth. Top Los Angeles dentist Dr. Anderkvist recommends full mouth reconstruction if you have many worn, crooked, damaged or missing teeth.

What to Expect at the Dental Office

It begins with a conversation about your oral health goals or what you want to achieve with your smile. Next, Dr. Anderkvist will perform a thorough evaluation of your mouth and surrounding structures. He will prescribe necessary X-rays, images and relevant tests, review your dental history, check for bite and neuromuscular problems, and make treatment recommendations.

Dr. Anderkvist may recommend a full mouth rehabilitation if the tests indicate several problems. Ideal candidates for this procedure are patients with severely damaged teeth, several missing teeth, severe gum disease, teeth discoloration that do not respond to ordinary teeth whitening, TMJ problems (frequent headaches, jaw pain, teeth grinding) or a combination of these issues.

Dr.Anderkvist offers customized full mouth reconstructions for each patient depending on the severity of their condition. This means that no two procedures are alike and costs vary; one patient may need crowns and gum disease treatment, while others may need additional procedures.

The best way to find out if full mouth reconstruction is right for you is to visit Westwood Dental Smiles. Dr. Anderkvist will answer all of your questions during the consultation. Schedule your appointment today by calling 310-208-4084 or using our convenient online form.

Saving teeth

I know that we can solve many problems in dentistry with implants, however, at Westwood Dental Smiles, we make an effort to save every tooth, because nothing is more precious than the tooth you already have. That’s your best implant in life.

Gathering Data about the Patient

As a prosthodontist, we are utilizing a lot of data before we put together a treatment plan for a patient. So, we are looking at full mouth wax ups, analyzing the bite of the patient, before we proceed to final treatment.


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