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DIAGNODENT and SOPROLIFE Camera in Los Angeles, CA

Modern technology is transforming the way dentists perform tests and procedures. At Westwood Dental Smiles, we use the latest tools and techniques to make your dental experience the best ever. To detect even the smallest cavities, we use cutting-edge cavity detection systems. Caries detection is traditionally done using manual probing and X-rays, which can miss a lot of areas especially when the problem is located below the biting surfaces of the tooth.

Intra Oral Camera Demo


DIAGNODENT is a cavity detection system that finds even the smallest areas of tooth decay. Dr. Anderkvist uses DIAGNODENT to identify and treat problems before they become big ones. The device is similar to a laser pointer that scans each tooth. Unlike traditional probing x-rays that may miss as much as 50 percent of the decay, DIAGNODENT is very accurate. DIAGNODENT and Digital Dental X-rays go hand in hand as part of a great dental cavity prevention program.

The greatest advance in dental diagnostics since the x-ray.

The laser scanner shines a harmless laser beam into the tooth. If tooth decay is present, even in very small amounts, it will be reflected back at the sensor in the laser. The laser will alert the doctor to the presence of a cavity, and also provide an indication of how much tooth decay is present. The result? Small cavities are found much earlier, so no more big fillings! Don’t you wish we’d had this when YOU were a child?

It’s far better to catch and restore cavities while they are still in the outer enamel layer of the tooth. Once they have reached inside the enamel layer, into the “dentin” layer they start growing much more rapidly. If the cavity and the bacteria that follow it make it into the inner core, the chamber of the tooth (the nerve) then more complicated, time consuming and more expensive treatment is to follow. If the cavity is shallow, then minimally invasive techniques in form of sealants are used. Usually they require no anesthesia.

DIAGNODENT scanning is a painless procedure and is over in a few minutes. After scanning your teeth, the read out is shown on a digital display, which identifies cavities forming below the surface. A high fluorescence reading means greater degree of decay within the tooth.

SOPROLIFE Intraoral Camera

Intra Oral Cameras

A similar caries scanner detection device is the SOPROLIFE intraoral camera. Like DIAGNODENT, SOPROLIFE camera allows your dentist to identify and treat hidden decay and to differentiate healthy from infected tissue. SOPROLIFE can detect cavities that may be missed by traditional imaging and tests. When the device is shined on the tooth, the light penetrates the enamel. Soprolife works with fluorescence so healthy dentin shows green, while decayed dentin shows red. That ensures that no decay is left behind inadvertently.

Using DIAGNODENT and SOPROLIFE for cavity detection is an excellent way to learn about your teeth’s condition, whether your at-home oral regimen is working, and what treatments are required to keep your smile healthy.

Learn more about advanced cavity detection technology and how it can benefit you, schedule an appointment today with Dr. Tomas Anderkvist.