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Gorgeous Dentures and Partials at Westwood Dental Smiles Los Angeles, CA

A missing tooth must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid bite problems, shifting teeth, bone loss near the area, tooth decay, gum disease, and chewing difficulties. Your prosthodontist, Dr.Anderkvist provides many teeth replacement options, including high-quality, natural-looking removable partial denture and complete dentures.

What are Removable Partial Dentures?

A removable partial denture or bridge is used when you have some teeth remaining. A removable partial consists of the replacement teeth and a gum-colored plastic base. Sometimes, a thin piece of metal framework helps secure the partial denture in your mouth. Precision attachments can also be used as anchors. Unlike removable partial dentures of years past, modern partial dentures are much more natural-looking, comfortable, flexible, and stable.

Precision Attachment Partial Dentures This type features a “key and keyhole” mechanism that attaches the crown (key) to the tooth (keyhole). When you place the partial denture in your mouth, the dental crown fits into the tooth tightly and securely.

Valplast Partials Valplast partial dentures are made of flexible nylon material that is translucent and biocompatible. It contains no metal (although metal can be used to make the appliance stronger), and you can see the natural gums through the material.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used when all of your teeth are missing. They can be placed right after extraction (immediate) or after your gums have healed (conventional). Complete dentures can be removable or fixed. Your Los Angeles dentures dentist recommends complete dentures supported by dental implants for ultimate comfort and stability. Implant dentures like hybrids and all on 4 are much more secure, and they will never come off when you are chewing or speaking.

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Bar Supported over dentures

Functioning beautifully for this patient of ours for over 15 years.

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