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New Patient Offers

New Patient Cleaning, Exam, and X-rays

In Office Bleaching for $299.00
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For all New Patients by request, when having a
cleaning and/or exam.

$1000 Off Invisalign

For all New Patients by request.

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Offers expire 01/25/2019.

Autoclave Sterilization

Dental Autoclave

At Westwood Dental Smiles, patient safety is our first priority. We use the latest sterilization methods to ensure that dental hand pieces and tools are sanitized and safe. All non-disposable tools are sterilized with an autoclave after use. Our staff also uses barrier protection and disinfectant to prevent cross-contamination.

Infection Control at Westwood Dental Smiles

We have three autoclaves running at all times for your safety. Our dental sterilization procedures exceed OSHA guidelines. We emphasize cleanliness of our office for all dental equipment.

What is Autoclave Sterilization?

Autoclave sterilization is a central part of our infection control system. An autoclave is a device that uses steam pressure and high temperature (up to 270 F) to kill microorganisms effectively. The autoclave heats solutions above boiling point for a certain period of time until the equipment is sterilized.

Autoclaves are designed for safety, with auto-lock mechanisms while in use and unlock when sterilization is complete. Depending on the type of dental tool such as dental wand, dental laser, CBCT Scanner and others, it can take from six to 30 minutes for one autoclave cycle.

Dr. Anderkvist has long been an advocate of proper dental office sterilization and cleanliness.
If you are already a patient of ours, you’ve seen our diligence in protecting you.

You’ve seen all the disposables we use. You’ve seen all the instruments and drills come out of the sterilized bags. But did you know that we also go to the extent of having a Dental Sterilization Compliance Agency – routinely monitor our sterilizing equipment to ensure your safety?

Your SAFETY AND COMFORT is our number one priority. Please let us assure you that at our office, we follow strict sterilization and infection control guidelines set forth by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), California Dental Board, and American Dental Association. All members of our clinical staff are trained to adhere to strict infection control guidelines. All staff members attend continuing education lectures and seminars to learn the latest rules and recommendations set fort by the above mentioned practice regulatory bodies. Everybody at the office is OSHA, HIPPA and CPR certified.

Where available, we use disposable or single use instruments. All restorative instruments, and handpieces are disinfected first and then put through a sterilization cycle using one of the two autoclaves installed in our office.We test our autoclaves WEEKLY to ensure proper operation and efficacy of the sterilization cycle.

We are always donning fresh gloves , masks and wearing safety glasses.
As you can see Dr.Anderkvist and his staff go to great lengths to be certain your visit to our office is not only enjoyable, but also SAFE!

Additional Precautions
To prevent the spread of contamination, we adhere to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guideline of separating the instrument processing section into “clean” and “dirty” areas. We have separate areas for receiving, cleaning and decontaminating instruments, preparation and packaging, sterilization, and storage.

Dr.Anderkvist and his staff guarantees a safe and germ-free environment for our patients by using Autoclave Sterilization. If you have questions about out infection control practices and safety procedures, please don’t hesitate to talk to us. We will gladly explain them to you and make sure you are completely comfortable before we begin any procedure. Call 310-208-4084 now or schedule an appointment online.