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Dental Wand

Painless Needle in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Anderkvist showing the Painless Needle on Channel 13 News

Procedures offered

Wand Painless Needle at Westwood Dental Smiles

About half of the patients are scared of needles and shots. Westwood Dental Smiles prosthodontist, Dr. Anderkvist understands this fear, so he offers an alternative to the usual way of administering local anesthetic. Instead of shots, Dr. Anderkvist can use the Wand dental painless anesthesia delivery system.

What is the Wand?

The Wand is a computerized, local dental anesthetic injection system that minimizes discomfort. It’s not usually the needle entering the skin that causes the discomfort, but the quick injection of the anesthetic. The fast flow of liquid exerts pressure and causes pain. The Wand controls the flow of anesthetic precisely, so it is delivered slowly and carefully. Our patients are amazed at how much easier it is to get numb with the Wand than with regular syringe delivery.
The Wand is a pen-like device connected to a computer. Before the Wand delivers the local anesthetic, the computer applies a small amount to numb the insertion site. Once the tiny needle is in place, the computer slowly delivers the right amount of anesthetic to numb the area completely. The computer adjusts the pressure of the needle depending on the tissue density. The Wand “knows” how much anesthetic you need and how to deliver it painlessly.

The Wand

We love digital dental anesthesia. Digital anesthesia helps alleviate the pain and apprehension of the patient. We are utilizing one of the devices, called the wand, and the way it works is that it works according to tissue resistance. So, the anesthetic gets into the tissue with very small amounts and therefore, it’s virtually painless.

Favorite part about being a dentist

My favorite part is interacting with people. I love to help people because I know they come with pain, apprehension and fears, and I know that when I put in my efforts, that is going to alleviate those conditions and that is very rewarding.

Benefits of the Wand System:

  • The Wand device looks completely non-threatening. It’s a pen connected to a machine. Because it doesn’t look at all like a syringe, it helps eliminate anxiety.
  • The Wand can be combined with sedation dentistry methods for maximum comfort.
  • The Wand can be used to deliver anesthetic for any procedure, even teeth cleanings.
  • Many patients have conquered their fear of needles because of the Wand.

Westwood Dental Smiles doctors offer other comfort options asides Dental Wand for patients with dental fear and anxiety. Please visit our sedation page. Learn how the Wand Painless Needle can make your next dental appointment a pleasant experience. Call 310-208-4084 or request an appointment online.


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