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Dental CBCT Scanner

CBCT Scanner in Westwood

X-rays and scanning equipment are necessary to dentistry. Without devices that show the mouth and facial structures in great detail, dental diagnosis and treatment will be far less accurate. Los Angeles prosthodontist Dr. Anderkvist uses the latest technology to give patients the best dental experience possible. Dr. Anderkvist uses a CBCT scanner or cone beam computed tomography scanner for accurate, highly-detailed dental imaging during routine and complicated dental work.

Cone Beam CT

A cone beam CT scanner is a compact and faster version of the regular CT scan. The CBCT machine uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam to generate clear images of the soft tissues, blood vessels and bones. Unlike regular CT scanners, the time required for a full CBCT scan is dramatically reduced (under one minute). The patient is also exposed to up to a hundred times less radiation.

Other benefits:

  • Faster than regular CT scans
  • Non-invasive
  • Generates 3D images
  • Lower radiation dosage than regular CT scanner

Use in Treatment Planning

Dr. Anderkvist uses the CBCT scanner for different procedures. It is particularly helpful in determining bone mineral density and implant placement during dental implants planning. The CBCT scanner is also used to:

  • Visualize abnormal teeth and bone growth
  • Evaluate the jaws and facial structure
  • Assess cleft plate
  • Diagnose deep infection
  • Diagnose dental trauma


Dr. Tomas Anderkvist understands that you may have concerns about X-ray and CT imaging and therefore orders imaging evaluation only when necessary for diagnosis and treatment. The clinical benefits often outweigh the small radiation risk.

During the consultation, Dr. Anderkvist will discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure, determine if X-rays or CBCT scan is necessary, provide alternatives if any, and discuss radiation reduction techniques.

If you want to learn more about Dental CBCT scanner and imaging at Westwood Dental Smiles, call us at 310-208-4084 to make an appointment.

3D Scanning

We are also using CBCT, which is a low radiation scanner that allows us to see the teeth in the surrounding structures in a 3-dimensional fashion. This way, what’s different about it is that normal x-rays just show the picture in two dimensions. Three dimension allows us to see the true extent of lesions, to be able to place implants in a safe manner, and away from dangerous, anatomical structures, and really enhance the quality of our treatments.


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